Welcome to the many galleries of Jeff Salvage. Founder of Two Feet Gallery, Jeff is always on the move, traveling to a far off land in search of the perfect photo. He recently exhibited his work in Indianapolis where his prints were auctioned to benefit the Simon Youth Foundation. Jeff is currently in China covering the Beijing Olympics and will be posted photos as he can. If you are interested in more information and photographs regarding trekking, please visit our sister site, If you are interested in purchasing a print or contacting him, please email him at You may contact him at

Take an accelerated tour through my work by looking at the images hand selected by myself as the best of my work.

Married on Easter Island, we needed a wedding dress that could travel. Now, we are taking it all over the world in a campaign we call, "One Dress, One Woman, One World."

China 2008

Enjoy three galleries from South East Asia. The first, China, was shot during a month long excursion that culminated in the Olympics.

The second was a rare and wonderous trek in Burma.

The third was a journey to all corners of Thailand.

The Alps are the home of some of the greatest treks in the world. Join us as we hiked through Switzerland, France, and Italy on the Tour De Mont Blanc and the Haute Route in the Summer of 2008.

Visit the wonderous land of Nepal. It is so spectacular I had to come back again to see all that it had to offer.

Annapurna Circuit Trek (2007), Gokyo Ri Trek (2007) and the Everest Base Camp - 2003

Patagonia Menu
Visit the diverse worlds of South America. Whether it's a trek along the historic Inca Trail and Machuu Picchu, a trek through Patagonia's Torres del Paine (Chile) and Mount Fitzroy (Argentina), or a cruise through the Galapagos Islands.


With all my travel abroad, I have not overlooked the beauty found at home. Often overlooked, the many National Parks in Utah. I went in 2004 and my return trip in 2006, but the gallery seems to have gotten lost. I will replace it eventually. Sorry
A quick trip to Prague for a conference and a stop over to visit my friend Donato in Bologna, Italy yielded many photographic opportunities.
Race walking is the sport that has kept me fit all these years has also been the target of more photographs than probably all my other subjects combined. From the Olympics, World Cup, or USA National Championships, it's all covered.


It's the place I call home. While many have seen the historic sites, beautiful fountains, and landmarks of Philadelphia by the day, its a real treat to see them at night, espcially under the eye of a long shutter.
Tanzania Menu

Two trips in one, Tanzania was host to a trek up the imortalized Mt. Kilimanjaro as well as a week Safari through Lake Maynara, Serengeti, Ndutu, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire national parks.

I went to Greece primarily to photograph and experience the Olympics, however one can not visit Greece and not take advantage of the incredible photographic opportunities. Come visit my brief trip to Greece, I am especially proud of the night/near dusk photographs.

Stephanie Kirk's work is hard to nail down in words. Instead of having a preconceived notion that will not do her work justice, simply take a virtual walk through her gallery and decide for yourself what her work means to you.



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